Pavingstones Sold. Over 2 Billion!


When you insist on Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec®, you're provided a quality alternative to traditional pavement - more cost-effective, more durable, more aesthetically pleasing and ultimately more economical than poured concrete, asphalt or brick.

As a Thank You to customers who have chosen Cambridge Pavingstones we have created a Care and Maintenance information sheet which also includes a famous family recipe! Please click here to view.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Can Pavingstones be sealed, and if so are there any specific guidelines?
A: Alliance brand recommends waiting 1 year before sealing, because the efflorescence bleeding process is unpredictable. Before sealing any surface one must ensure that there is no efflorescence in the pavers. Efflorescence is a natural process. It is a condition in all cement based products, as well as in many other paving products. But the condition will usually correct itself with time and exposure to the elements. Paving stones are meant to be maintenance free. Sealing is a personal choice based on aesthetic preferences, but is not necessary.
Q: What is Efflorescence?
A: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Efflorescence
Click on the above link for details on this topic.
Q: Do you have any tips on removing common stains from concrete pavingstones?
A: Yes.
Please click here to see all.
Q: Can pavingstones be on a concrete base?
A: Yes.
As long as the ICPI Construction details are followed.
Q: Can pavingstones be installed anywhere instead of asphalt or poured concrete?
A: Yes.
Choose Cambridge Pavingstones with value-added ArmorTec for any paving project. An interlocking Cambridge Pavingstones system will instantly improve your home's appearance and increase its appraised value. With dozens of shapes and colors to choose from, design possibilities for driveways, walkways, patios & pools, sunrooms and other areas are endless.
Q: How do Cambridge Pavingstones hold up compared to asphalt and poured concrete?
A: Better.
Cambridge Pavingstones stand up to whatever Mother Nature deals out - snow, ice & floods. Unlike asphalt, they are maintenance-free without the need for messy sealers. Save time & money season after season. Did you know...? Interlocking pavingstones are an engineered pavement system and are used at airports, taxiways, container ports, industrial and corporate campuses as well as on streets for urban renewal projects.
Q: What makes pavingstones so strong and resilient?
A: They are made of high-density concrete.
Cambridge Pavingstones are twice as strong as and less absorbent than poured concrete. The mortarless, flexible, interlocking system won't crack or heave as a result of ground movement. Ugly patches are a thing of the past.
Q: Can ArmorTec come off?
A: No.
ArmorTec and the paver are, in fact, one. ArmorTec, also referred to as "hardfacing," has been field-proven for over 70 years in Europe, where pavingstone technology originated and continues to evolve.
Q: Can pavingstones be installed over existing pavement?
A: Yes.
Cambridge Pavingstones can be used as an overlay over existing concrete patios and walkways as well as asphalt driveways. Costs incurred for removal and disposal of existing asphalt or concrete are therefore eliminated.
Q: Are pavingstones slippery?
A: No.
Pavingstones surpass the standards for slip-resistance set by the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Q: Can pavers be plowed?
A: All pavements can be damaged by steel plow blades.
ICPI recommends using a rubber-edged plow blade.