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Cambridge continues its ongoing pledge of support to our contractor-customers. From our early beginnings, we have understood that the professional installer is the most important component in the producer/contractor/distributor relationship. The quality-conscious installer of interlocking concrete systems is the "daily messenger" in the pavement and landscape wall marketplace - and can greatly impact the future of our industry and the ongoing success of our product line.

Still in its infancy in North America, many nations in other parts of the world provide five to ten times the area of segmental paving and walls per capita. Traditionally accepted pavements here include asphalt, poured and stamped concrete and clay brick. Railroad ties, poured concrete gravity walls and natural stone walls are among the commonly used wall materials. We know that, as a viable alternative, segmental concrete pavements and landscape walls address the total environmental and design needs of the 21st century - ecology, energy, safety and aesthetics. Professional installers here in America have the greatest ability to foster the choice of interlocking concrete pavements and segmental wall systems. And "quality" is the best catalyst to carry the message to every corner of the American market.

To this end, much of the content in our Web site is designed to keep you - the quality-conscious professional pavingstone and landscape wall installer - informed about proper installation techniques as well as the quality and value-added attributes of all Cambridge products.

Ask about:

  • Our expert on-site field support and advice for virtually any Cambridge Pavingstones or Wall System project

  • Our on-going series of contractor clinics and seminars that assure quality control standards

  • ICPI Contractor Certification Programs that, while improving your skills, also boost customer confidence and satisfaction

  • Contractor referral program
We welcome your comments and suggestions. For more information contact your Cambridge Sales Specialist or nearest Authorized Cambridge Distributor.

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