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Charles H. Gamarekian, Founder & CEO

Charles H. Gamarekian, Founder & CEO

After an amazing vacation a lot of homeowners are overcome with that old familiar feeling of not wanting to return to "normal" everyday life. Where are the never ending water features and outdoor bars? Where are the accommodating staff members asking if they can be of any service, and replying with "my pleasure" in return? Reality sets in and the water features become a washing machine and shower, the refrigerator becomes the closest thing to a "wet bar," and your family's responses to your needs are less than accommodating. Vacation is over, and so are the lazy days filled with rest and relaxation.

It is back to business as usual. Weekdays that seem to drag on and weekends that seem to be over in the blink of an eye. Gone are the easy breezy feelings that come along with vacation. You and your family long for those days, and wonder if it is possible to recreate those feelings again without having to get on a plane or rent a hotel room.

This is when the wheels start turning in your head. How can I create a resort like feeling in my own backyard? Over the years you may have visited friends' homes and admired backyards full of pavers, fire pits, and even outdoor kitchens and bars. This is when you think to yourself, why can't I create a space I would never want to leave, and would look forward to coming home to all year round?

Well, you can with Cambridge Pavers with ArmorTec®! Visit us online today to find an authorized distributor near you. Here you can begin your journey by looking at all of the colors, sizes, textures, and products we offer. Next, you can meet with a contractor who will be able to help your vision come to life and can even show you digital designs based on your current backyard space.

Even if you cannot execute the whole project all at once, just know that in time and with proper planning you will accomplish your end goal. Your contractor can work with you in phases that will accommodate your budget, which will make the whole process seem way less overwhelming.

Therefore, my advice to anyone who is looking to extend their living space beyond their four walls is to visit Cambridge Paver's Website. This is the first step in creating the perfect stay-cation in your very own backyard.

Thank you for considering Cambridge,
Charles H. Gamarekian
Charles H. Gamarekian
Founder / Chairman / CEO, Cambridge Pavers Inc.