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Family Friendly New Year's Projects

January 12, 2016

Family Friendly New Year''s Projects

Family Friendly New Year''s Projects

Family Friendly New Year''s Projects

It''s the season of resolutions. Cambridge''s resolution is to spend more time with their family outdoors around their fire pit. Here are some fun ideas that get the whole family involved in the resolution season:

1. Swedish Snowball Lanterns: This is such a fun project to create with the kids. They will have fun building the snowball pyramids during the day, and at night you all can enjoy the glow from the finished "lanterns." Here''s how to do it:

• Snow made into snow balls
• Tea lights


  1. On a flat surface, start forming a circle base with the snowballs.
  2. Leave a space to light the tea light once the pyramid is built.
  3. Stack the snow balls to make a pyramid.
  4. Light the tea light.

2. New Year''s Resolutions: The best way to stick to resolutions is to write them down and talk about them. Resolutions aren''t just for giving up bad habits, but also for creating good habits. Here is a printable that will help you to organize your thoughts:

Post your resolutions in a place that you will look at every day, to help inspire you.

3. D.I.Y. Snow Paint: Snow paint is so easy to make, and requires no clean up! The kids will spend hours outside making their own paint creations in the snow. Here''s how to do it:

• Spray bottles
• Food dye
• Water


  1. Fill the spray bottles with water.
  2. Add dye to the water. You may need to use a lot of dye in order to get the color you''re looking for.
  3. Screw the lid back on the spray bottle and shake.

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