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DIY Outdoor Movie Night

September 01, 2018

What better way to end your Labor Day festivities than with an outdoor movie night? Creating an outdoor theater in your backyard for friends and family is not only easy, but a great way to spend time together. If you're looking for a cozy and comfortable evening activity, follow these steps to create the ultimate outdoor movie night!

DIY Outdoor Movie Night

1. You'll need a power source for your projector, so find an area in your outdoor living space that has access to outlets.

2. Before picking a spot, make sure that there are no lights around that will reflect against your screen, distracting your audience from watching the movie.

3. When it comes to screens, you have the option to buy a retractable projector from your local electronics store or improvise with a white wall or white sheets!

4. If you choose to create a screen with a white sheet, consider attaching black, dark brown or navy blue sheet to the back of your white one for a crisper image.

5. On a windy night, secure your makeshift screen to a nearby structure with clothesline clips to avoid unexpected interruptions.

6. Its important to have a screen and projector but its also just as important to remember to bring out some speakers! Unless you're watching a Charlie Chaplin movie, you're going to want to have audio.

7. Before settling down and starting the movie, adjust the size of your projection by moving the projector closer or further from the screen.

8. Don't forget the popcorn and nachos! Movies are no fun without snacks. Create a cute concession stand on your outdoor kitchen and bar. Prepare popcorn and nachos in your outdoor kitchen and serve soda and other beverages from your outdoor bar.

9. Last but not least, set up a cozy area in front of your screen with comforters, pillows and bean bags for maximum fun and relaxation!

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