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Five Fun Pool Games for Kids

August 02, 2018

Your outdoor living space is a great hangout spot for your kids and their friends this summer. An outdoor pool will definitely set you apart from the rest and keep your kids entertained all day. When hosting an impromptu pool party, it’s always good to be prepared, so check out these five pool games your kids can play on any summer day!

Five Fun Pool Games for Kids

1. Treasure Hunt

This game can keep you entertained for hours. All you need are a couple of coins and competitive players! Toss coins into the pool and dive in after them. Whoever collects the most coins, wins!

2. Invisi-bottle

Take a clear plastic bottle with a white cap. Fill the bottle with pool water and line the players up on the pool deck, backs to the water. Once the bottle is thrown in and they hear the splash, they can turn around and try to find it! Keep in mind, its harder than it sounds. The clear bottle blends in and becomes almost invisible on the bottom of the pool!

3. Popsicle

This game is basically freeze tag in the water. When someone is tagged, they “freeze” and stand straight with their hands above their head, like a popsicle. When a player is under water, they cannot be tagged by “it,” but they can swim past a “popsicle” and unfreeze them!

4. F-I-S-H

If you have a basketball net this is a must play game! FISH is the water version of HORSE. Take turns making stunt shots and if you miss you get a letter. First to spell FISH loses!

5. Marco Polo

This classic is basically tag in the water. “It” closes their eyes and yells “MARCO!” the rest of the players respond with “POLO!” while they move around the pool and try to avoid being caught. Once caught, the new person become “it” for the next round and the same rules apply.

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