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How to Throw the Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party (Part 3- Festive Desserts)

May 09, 2018

The first real day of summer calls for celebration and what better way to celebrate than with dessert? There are lots of ways to incorporate red, white, and blue in your desserts this Memorial Day. Check out some of our recommended recipes, maybe you'll find one that'll turn heads at your Memorial Day party!

How to Throw the Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party (Part 3- Festive Desserts)

Firework Fruit Kabobs

What you'll need
• A set of bamboo skewers
• Seedless watermelon
• Blueberries
• Star cookie cutter

1. Wash the blueberries and sticks, and slice watermelon about one inch thick.
2. Slide the blueberries onto the stick with the pointed side of the skewer facing up.
3. Using the star shaped cookie cutter, create a star shape out of the watermelon.
4. Place the star at the top of the skewer, making sure the pointed stick is not exposed beyond the watermelon.

How to Throw the Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party (Part 3- Festive Desserts)

Red White and Blue Rice Krispie Pops

What you'll need
• Paper straws
• Rice krispie treats
• White candy melts
• Red candy melts
• Blue candy melts
• Red, white and blue sprinkles
• Parchment paper

1. Unwrap the rice krispie treats and attached one end of it to your paper straw. You can do this by simply poking the straw into the treat.
2. Melt the red and blue candy melts in separate containers
3. Dip each rice krispie treat into the melted candy, coating half of the treat with either red or blue candy.
4. Place the treats on parchment paper to dry.
5. Before the blue treats have completely dried, sprinkle on your red white and blue sprinkles.
6. Melt the white candy melts as directed on the packaging
7. Add the melted white candy to a ziplock bag, trim off one corner and drizzle the melted white candy over the red candy-colored treats.
8. Once they have completely dried, they ready to serve!

How to Throw the Perfect Memorial Day Pool Party (Part 3- Festive Desserts)

Patriotic Pies in a Jar

• Refrigerated pie crusts
• 4 oz small mason jars
• Pie filling (store bought or homemade)
• Eggs (Optional)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Use the pie crust to create an inner layer in the mason jars. Use your fingers to evenly spread the crust out and make sure that it has the same thickness throughout.
3. Fill the jars with your choice of pie filling. If you want to keep it festive you can alternate between cherry and blueberry!
4. Top the jars with the remaining pie crust however you'd like. You can create a weaving pattern or use a star shaped cookie cutter to create a more decorative pie crust as shown in the photo.
5. Cover your mason jars with foil and pop them in the oven for 30-40 mins
6. If you'd like to give your pie crust a shiny, crispy look, brush some egg white on before putting it into the oven!

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