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What to Plant in March Blog

March 01, 2023

With spring right around the corner, why not try your hand at gardening? But first and foremost, consider the type of garden you want to create. Perhaps a vegetable garden or a fruit garden appeals to you. These can be very rewarding if healthy cooking is one of your top priorities! How about a vibrant flower garden? Flowers are known to beautify and uplift their surroundings, and the various fragrances will fill the air with a lovely scent. Brighten up your garden and celebrate the first day of Spring with these amazing options!


Sun-ripened, juicy tomatoes from your own garden provide taste sensations that store-bought fruit cannot match! With so many colors, sizes, shapes and flavor profiles, the possibilities are endless! Tomatoes should be planted in the spring or early summer. The exact timing will be determined by the temperatures in your area. Plant tomatoes when the soil has warmed. Temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit cause stunted plants and little or no fruit.


Peppers are an enjoyable vegetable to grow in the garden because they take up little space and produce large yields when planted in proximity. From flavor to shape to color and all the possible combinations, there is a pepper for everyone's palette and preference. Growing peppers in your garden is a super convenient way to add color to your garden and to your dinner plate! In comparison to many other vegetables, peppers grow quite well if you just provide them with the most basic things. You'll be surprised at how well your peppers will grow if you just provide them with proper lighting and soil conditions. The rainbow of all the colors will add an extra kick and keep you feeling like you're in the tropics with every bite!

What to Plant in March Blog


Roses, with their elegance, romance, and nostalgia woven into every bloom, can take your garden to new heights of beauty and enjoyment! Many people believe that these timeless flowers are difficult to grow, but caring for healthy, beautiful garden roses can be very simple! Early spring is an ideal time to plant roses, especially bare-root roses. If possible, prepare your soil ahead of time. Roses thrive in soil that is slightly acidic to neutral in ph. Soil nutrients as well as extra nutrients added by fertilizers are great ways to keep your soil in perfect condition for these stunning flowers! Feed your roses on a regular basis throughout the growing season with a fertilizer that contains the special blend of nutrients that roses prefer.

What to Plant in March Blog

Cherry Blossom Trees

With their clouds of pink or white blooms, ornamental Japanese cherry blossom trees are one of spring's delights! Once planted, ornamental cherry trees require little maintenance and will thrive in your garden for 20 to 40 years. Most are known for their baby pink blossoms, but there are some varieties with pure white blossoms that add a beautiful captivating pop of color to the garden. Choose a location with plenty of sunlight, good soil drainage, and enough space for fully grown branches. If you're planting near a house, keep an eye out for falling petals and leaves!

Adding a water fountain to your yard or garden is one of the best ways to improve its appearance! They are not only decorative, but they also help to improve our well-being. The trickling sound of water creates a feeling of tranquility. Cambridge Pavingstones' rectangular fountain can elevate your garden and transform your outdoor space into a peaceful oasis where you and your family can unwind after a long day and admire your garden. Cambridges fountains come in many different colors, sizes and shapes; you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to fit your unique style!