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How to build a vision board for your dream outdoor space

January 03, 2023

Your home is a reflection of you-your personality, style, values, and ambitions. Moving into a new house or repurposing your outdoor patio creates a unique opportunity to express yourself even more! It's important to have an idea of how you want to design your outdoor space and the amenities you want to include. If you're unsure of how or where to start with an outdoor project, vision boards are a helpful tool for organizing your ideas and bringing them to life! Not to mention, it's a fun and relaxing activity for a rainy day.

How to build a vision board for your dream outdoor space

Putting your ideas together

Planning a vision board requires some self-reflection. Ask yourself what is important in your outdoor space and determine some realistic goals. Ask yourself questions like; How can I extend my outdoor living throughout all four seasons? What amenities can I include to make my outdoor space enjoyable for the whole family? Visualizing what you want is proven to encourage the manifestation of one's dreams! Well, that and hard work!

How to make one

A vision board is customizable and is tailored to your unique style! It is a creative project that combines pictures, doodles, quotes, cut outs, photographs, and embellishments of your goals- all on one board. Our Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms are a great way to start and gather some inspiration!

How to build a vision board for your dream outdoor space

Print out any pictures that catch your eye and glue them onto a board. Place this board somewhere you can see it on a regular basis. Then sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

Are you ready to create your dream life and want ideas on how to make it a reality? Vision boards are fantastic motivators. They assist you in visualizing your dreams, goals, and aspirations. They help you see where you want to go and provide aesthetic motivation to get there.