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National Dessert Day

October 02, 2022

Who doesn't love dessert? Any holiday that lets us eat cake is a day worth celebrating! National Dessert Day is on October 14th and it's a perfect excuse to indulge in your favorite treats. Whether you go out to your local bakery or whip up something delicious at home, make sure you share it with others!

National Dessert Day

Have you ever lit your dessert on fire? From grilled fruit kabobs to homemade pop tarts, campfire desserts have come a long way from the days of classic s’mores. Get creative this year and utilize your Cambridge fire pit to cook up something gooey, warm, and delicious. Everyone knows that food simply tastes better when it’s cooked over a campfire! Grab some blankets and gather around the firepit to enjoy your decadent desserts while enjoying the crisp Fall air! The light and warmth will keep the celebration going all night. Make your day a little “sweeter” with these unique recipes you can make in your outdoor space this national dessert day!

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

National Dessert Day

This recipe is hassle free and tastes so delicious. Preparing cinnamon rolls on the grill makes the texture super soft and tender. They melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite! (recipe and photo courtesy of

What you'll need:
• 6 Rhodes Anytime!® Cinnamon Rolls, thawed but still cold , (one box/package)
• 1 cream cheese icing packet , (comes with rolls)

1. Skewer a thawed cinnamon roll onto a roasting stick with an inch or two of space on the end. This way it won’t slide off as it cooks. (Skewer into the end piece of the roll, so it doesn’t come unraveled.)

2. Roast cinnamon rolls over a campfire or grill (set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 5 minutes on bottom, 5 minutes on top, and 5-10 minutes for the sides, rotating the stick as needed to prevent burning.

3. TIP: The rolls will rise during the second 5 minutes of cooking. (The top part of the roll.) This will help you see that the dough is cooking through to the center properly, but is also when the sugary filling starts to drip and can burn easily. Keep a close eye on how close you hover the flames/coals.

4. EXTRA TIP: Pull the cinnamon roll off, rotate it 180 degrees and stick it back on the roasting stick to brown the edge that faced the handle for most of the cooking time. This ensures even browning/cooking on all sides. Just be CAREFUL, it will be hot to touch!

5. Knead the packet of cream cheese frosting with your hands. Cut off the tip and squeeze frosting onto the roll while it’s warm. Eat the cinnamon roll on the stick or transfer it to a paper plate. Enjoy!

S'mores Nachos

National Dessert Day
Toasty marshmallow, gooey chocolate and crunchy graham crackers – Smores are simply irresistible. Switch up your traditional smores with smores nachos that can be made easily on your grill or campfire! (recipe and photo courtesy of

What you'll need:
• 1 sleeve graham crackers broken apart.
• 1.5 cups of mini marshmallows
• 1 cup of chocolate chips

1. Preheat campfire or grill and let the flames die down to hot coals.

2. Break apart the crackers and place in a tin foil container.

3. Place marshmallows and chocolate chips on top of the crackers and cover with heavy-duty aluminum foil.

4. Place the pan on the grill or hot coals (no flames) and cook until the marshmallows are melted and begin to brown (about 10 minutes). Check by lifting the foil and peeking.

5. Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool for a few minutes. Eat like nachos.

Campfire Eclairs

National Dessert Day

These campfire eclairs are super yummy and unique. Fill them up with whatever fillings you want- pudding, whipped cream, fruit, lemon curds or even something savory!(recipe and photo courtesy of

What you'll need:
• 10 pieces refrigerated biscuit dough
• 15 ounces pre-made vanilla pudding
• ½ cup chocolate frosting
• whipped cream
• roasting dowels roasting ends soaked in oil

1. Gently press the biscuit dough around the end of the dowel and down, until dough is spread thin and evenly, without any holes.

2. Roast dough over hot coals, until golden and cooked through. Slide the biscuit off of the dowel.

3. Fill the biscuit cup with pudding and whipped cream. Spread the chocolate frosting on the outside. Enjoy!

Take national dessert day to the next level with these delicious desserts that can be made over your campfire!