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What Your Outdoor Space Says About You

June 01, 2021

Interior design can say a lot about a person but, when was the last time you took a look at your outdoor space? The color scheme, decor, and accessories in your backyard can say multitudes about who you are as a person. What does your backyard say about you?

What Your Outdoor Space Says About You


If you look closely at the color scheme and design of your outdoor space, you can determine a lot about your personality type. Those who incorporate more cool tones in their outdoor space are more likely to have a relaxed and calm personality, whereas those who incorporate warmer tones are more likely to be perceived as more socially active and conversational.

What Your Outdoor Space Says About You


Every outdoor space has a unique style that reflects your personality. People who have a more minimalistic and subdued style, usually tend to be more quiet souls. They will most likely use their outdoor oasis as a personal spot to read and unwind. People with a “busier” design or layout tend to be a social butterfly. If their outdoor space mimics an indoor vibe with lots of furniture and textures, they will most likely use their outdoor oasis as an entertainment hub to spend time with friends and family.

What Your Outdoor Space Says About You

Outdoor Accessories

Apart from color scheme, outdoor decor and accessories can also be a key indicator of what kind of person you are. Water features tend to suggest that you use your outdoor space as a meditative spot for internal peace and tranquility. Incorporating fire features in your space suggests that you have a high-energy and fierce personality. Having a firepit or fireplace in your backyard suggests that you use your space for entertainment, conversation, and good times!

No matter your personality type or style, we can all agree that your outdoor space is a great place to unwind and enjoy the warmer season! Cambridge Pavingstones has a magnitude of styles and accessories to fit anyone!