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Celebrating Mother’s Day Outdoors

May 03, 2021

As Mother's Day approaches you may be wondering how to make your mom feel special. After all, it's an important day in honor of the women who raised us, supported us, and even shaped who we are today. Do something special this year for your mom to show your gratitude. Host a family barbecue, treat her to a relaxing spa day, or even just a FaceTime call can show her your appreciation.

Celebrating Mothers Day Outdoors

Mother's Day is the perfect spring celebration for outdoors! So, take advantage of the warm weather and do some fun and creative activities your whole family will enjoy!

Cook mom an unforgettable dinner

Utilize your outdoor kitchen this Mother's Day and cook your mom her favorite recipe! Fire up your Cambridge pizza oven or outdoor grill and enjoy a delicious meal while spending quality time with your whole family! (photo courtesy of sonomamag.com)

Celebrating Mothers Day Outdoors

Gardening with the Family

Gardening as a family is a great way to create lasting memories and build stronger connections with each other. Plant some of your mom's favorite flowers in your garden as a fun activity to celebrate Spring! Choose flowers that will add beautiful pops of color to your backyard and complement your hardscaping. Nourish your garden and watch your flowers blossom as the weather gets warmer! (photo courtesy of plt.org)

Cozy up around your firepit

Gather around your Cambridge fire pit and enjoy some cold and refreshing cocktails to end the night right! Grab some cozy blankets and reminisce about old memories while spending time with your loved ones. Grab a board game or make some delicious smores over the firepit to make the day unforgettable!

Celebrating Mothers Day Outdoors

Enjoy your Mother's Day and take the day to do fun activities with your whole family, you deserve it!