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Tips for Throwing this Summer's Best Backyard Bash

June 25, 2015

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to throw the perfect backyard bash! Whether you''re a seasoned host or a new to entertaining, there are a few things to keep in mind to help your July 4th party be the one everyone talks about for the rest of summer.

Something simple and easy to keep in mind is the color scheme red, white and blue! Obvious right? Our country''s colors can bring the patriotic feel of Fourth of July right into your backyard in many different ways! Try decorating your outdoor space with red, white and blue streamers and DIY paper decorations! Also, be sure to pick up plates, cups and napkins in American colors. For that extra burst of Independence Day cheer, you can try making red, white and blue drinks for your guests to enjoy in the hot summer sun! Some classic examples are jello-shots and margaritas for the adults, and Kool Aid or slushies for the kids.

Nothing ruins a backyard bash faster than pesky mosquitos. To keep them away from your party, place some outdoor fans around the sitting area, and light some bug-repelling citronella candles. Mosquitos breed in water, so you''ll also want to clear out your gutters and replace any water residing in bird baths or fountains that''s been sitting for too long. With the proper measures taken, you can ensure your party guests stay bug bite free!

And of course, last but not least, is the food! Barbecue is the favorite choice for a backyard party. But keeping it simple doesn''t have to mean keeping it boring. Add variety to your burger selection by buying turkey and veggie burgers! Try sauteing or grilling mushrooms, onions and other delicious veggies to create mouthwatering side dishes or make your burgers extra special by offering savory toppings like onion rings or bacon. Don''t forget to stock up on chips and dip so that your guests can keep their bellies full throughout the evening!

After dinner, delight your guests with dessert! There are unlimited options for yummy-and patriotic-recipes that will wow your guests. We''ve included two of our favorite July 4th dessert recipes below!

If you take some time to prepare, your Fourth of July party will be an unforgettable event. Some last minute things to keep in mind before the guests arrive include making sure there''s enough comfy seating for everyone and that you have a couple fun party games to keep your guests entertained. If your state allows it, illuminate the night with fireworks to finish off your party with a bang!

Tips for Throwing this Summer''s Best Backyard Bash

Tips for Throwing this Summer''s Best Backyard Bash