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  • A Permeable Driveway Pavement

    • By Charles Gamarekian
    • Created: November 29, 2016

    A Permeable Driveway Pavement
    Water pollutants can reveal themselves in several ways. In rural areas, rain and snow landing on farmland carries fertilizers with them to local sewers and, in due course, our waterways. In urban neighborhoods, which can add up to a large percentage of a community, pavements are the main source of pollution from the water run-off. And what does in fact, reduce run-off pollution, is the very concept behind the installation of a permeable paver system, which is gaining in popularity with commercial developers, municipalities and now, homeowners.... Read More »

  • Seating that Speaks to your Outdoor Lifestyle

    • By Charles Gamarekian
    • Created: March 19, 2014

Seating that Speaks to your Outdoor Lifestyle
    There is something to be said about meandering around at uppity cocktail parties, fund-raisers, and other social events where "working the room", so to speak, adds to the rewards to be gained by hosts and their guests. In the same vein, an outdoor room should provide similar latitude for friends and family to circulate while taking in fresh air, enjoying festivities and fostering camaraderie. That being said, no outdoor room is complete without casual seating for the perfect respite and close conversation. Read More »

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